Why Many Renovations Include Concrete Siding Installation

by | Jan 3, 2017 | Siding Contractor

Thanks to advancing technology homeowners who are renovating can choose from dozens of exterior finishing materials. Despite the enormous range of choices, contractors like Arrow Exteriors, Inc. still routinely get requests for Concrete Siding Installation. A long-time favorite, the material is beautiful, durable and budget-friendly.

A Definition of Concrete Siding

Siding is any material added to the outside of a building to add beauty and protect against the weather. Modern technology has produced many beautiful synthetic siding materials that are actually more effective than natural siding. Concrete, or fiber cement siding, is one of the most popular. It is actually created using a combination of cement, sand and cellulose fibers.

There Are Products for Any Decorating Style

Homeowners often arrange for Concrete Siding Installation after visiting sites like Arrowexteriors.net and viewing photos of finished projects. In fact, there are currently about 4 million U.S. homes that include fiber cement siding. One of the reasons why it is so popular is that quality manufacturers like James Hardie offer a huge variety of styles, colors, and products. Siding can mimic the look of so many other materials that it may be used to create almost any kind of effect. For example, concrete siding may be installed in order to recreate the original charm of craftsmen cottages, rustic cabins, and Victorian homes.

Durable Siding Includes a Variety of Benefits

Although concrete siding faithfully mimics the look of original building materials, it offers far more advantages. For example, it is much less expensive than many other materials. The US Green Building Council has also recognized fiber cement as an eco-friendly, sustainable material. It stands up well to the harshest weather and needs a little maintenance to stay beautiful. Heat doesn’t affect fiber cement siding, which actually has a class 1a fire rating. Siding is not affected by salt air, ultraviolet rays or insects. It will not rot and lasts for many decades.

Concrete siding remains one of the most popular exterior home finishes. It is very affordable and available in colors and styles to meet every decorating style. The durable, fire-resistant material also stays beautiful for decades in any climate and needs a little maintenance to remain beautiful.

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