What To Consider Before Buying Firewood For Sale In Anaheim

Using a wood stove during the winter is a very inexpensive way to keep the house warm. Before the heating season begins, the homeowner should purchase enough wood for the season. Before purchasing firewood for sale in Anaheim, there are a few things the homeowner should consider.

Consider Storage

While buying several cords of wood may sound like a good idea, the homeowner should first think about how much space they have to store the wood. The wood should be stacked so there is room between the logs so that the wood can dry. This will prevent rotting. Also, the wood should not be stacked too close to the house as it can cause insect issues, mice issues, and fire danger.

Consider the Size of the Stove

Before buying firewood, the homeowner should measure the size of the stove’s door. This will determine what size logs will be needed. If the homeowner buys wood that is too large to fit in the wood stove, they will need to spend time cutting it to size. Since this can be a huge hassle and an inconvenience, they should make sure they are buying the right size wood.

Buy Seasoned Wood

Recently harvested wood is considered green wood. Because of the high moisture content of the wood, it is very heavy. If the homeowner is planning to buy wood right before the heating season, they should buy only seasoned wood. If they are buying early, they can buy green wood. However, the homeowner should understand that they will need at least nine months for the wood to season before it is safe to use.

Ask About the Species

It is important that the homeowner asks the seller what type of wood they are selling. Resinous woods such as pine and spruce are great to burn outdoors but should never be burned indoors. The most popular types of wood for burning include oak, maple, and fruitwoods.

Getting the Wood to the Home

When ordering the wood, the homeowner should find out if the seller delivers. If the homeowner must pick up the wood themselves, they should find out if the seller will help stack it in the truck.

Before purchasing firewood for sale in Anaheim, the homeowner should keep certain things in mind. For more information, contact Jose Martinez Tree Service Inc. You can also connect them on Facebook.

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