Set Up A Luxurious Kitchen In Your House

Whether your kitchen is due for an update, functions poorly or simply doesn’t match your sense of style, a remodel can work wonders on the space and potentially increase the value of your home. If you’re doing extensive renovations, however, you may temporarily lose the use of the space while the project is underway. This can present some challenges, but properly preparing for them will make your life easier while you’re living through the temporary inconvenience of kitchen remodeling in Wheaton.

Have a Plan for Dishes

A utility sink is a great place to wash dishes while your kitchen sink is out of order. If you don’ have a utility sink, you can set up a dishwashing station at a bathroom or powder room sink. Use only as many dishes as you have to, though, to make your life easier. Stock up on paper plates, paper cups and plasticware. You’ll only need them temporarily, and using disposable items greatly simplifies life without a kitchen.

Set Up a Temporary Space

During the renovation, you’ll discover that you use your kitchen for more than just food. Set up a temporary kitchen in your dining room or garage, paying special attention to how you use your kitchen space as you go. Set up a table so you can eat and the kids can do their homework. Move your coffee pot, microwave and the toaster oven into the temporary kitchen and set them up so you can still use them. Trying to live without any of your kitchen appliances and furniture will only lead to frustration. Give your family access to the more crucial elements during the renovation.

Clear a Path

You can, of course, expect the contractor working in your kitchen to be courteous and respectful of your home. He will, however, be carrying tools, sinks, appliances, countertop slabs and other large items into and out of your home. Clear as wide of a path for him as you can and move any breakables well out of the way. Have a plan for keeping pets and children out from underfoot as well. Doing so will make the job easier for workers and make your life less stressful since you won’t be coming home to damaged items or upset family members.

Kitchen remodeling in Wheaton is a noisy and dirty process, but it’s also a worthwhile one. When River Oak Cabinetry & Design finishes your new kitchen, we’re confident you’ll love the results and agree that the inconveniences of the remodel were well worth it.

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