Experts in Tree Maintenance in Marietta GA

Tree maintenance is important to the overall health of your trees. Not only do you want to keep your trees healthy for the environment, but also for the overall appearance of your lawn. A well-manicured lawn increases the value of your home and adds to curb appeal. Both of these are extremely important.

What Does Tree Maintenance Entail?

Tree maintenance in Marietta GA is important for preventing major problems down the road. It is also the key to maintaining the health and increasing the lifespan of your trees. Pruning is an important part of tree maintenance. Knowing the correct time of year to prune your trees is important in promoting new, fresh growth.

In residential areas, watering is important in tree maintenance. This is more important with young trees. The amount of water depends on the species of tree. You want to make sure not to overwater. As the tree matures, rainfall should be adequate. Applying the proper amount of fertilizer will nourish your tree and help it flourish.

There are things to look for to determine if your trees are under stress. Keep an eye out for holes, in the trunk, as well as broken limbs and branches from storms and other incidents. If you see either of these issues or notice the tree doesn’t look as healthy as it should, it might be time to contact a professional arborist to help resolve the issue.

Why Use the Professionals?

The professionals are trained with expert knowledge and know-how to preserve your trees and keep them healthy. Routine maintenance will give the experts an opportunity to evaluate the trees for any signs of potential health decline and work with you on a plan to restore the trees back to their original health.

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