The Many Styles Of Kitchen Cabinetry Doors

Modern appliances are a must in today’s kitchens, as nice as they are and as practical as they are, they are not the most important factor of your new kitchen design; the design of the kitchen cabinetry door is. The doors on your cabinets are the most visible feature in the kitchen; they can also be the most expensive. From the most elaborate to the simplest, there are kitchen cabinet doors that can meet your budget and compliment your kitchen design.

Popular cabinet door styles:

* Shaker: As a raised panel door nothing is much simpler. A shaker door is little more than a flat panel inset into a simple frame. Shaker cabinetry is known for clean lines with the emphasis on utility. Shaker style doors, due to their simple deign are perfectly suited for any décor from traditional to contemporary.

* Flat: Flat cabinet doors are the epitome of simplicity and style. As this type of door is totally devoid of any details it is perfect when used in homes that favour contemporary architecture. MDF is an ideal material for flat doors; the doors can be laminated or painted to compliment any décor.

* Inset: Inset doors are among the most expensive kitchen cabinetry doors but they are timeless, they have a classic look that has been in vogue for generations. This door gets its name from being set inside the frame of the cabinet rather than outside which is the norm. An inset door must be manufactured to precise tolerances. MDF is the ideal material because it does not expand or contract in the variable heat and humidity found in a typical kitchen.

Shaker, flat and inset kitchen cabinetry doors are but three of the most popular; homeowners that are looking for something altogether different can design, and have fabricated, doors to complement their own unique décor.

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