Points to Consider With Wood Bathroom Cabinets

Now that some of the debt is settled, the homeowner would like to remodel the master bathroom. One of the first issues to address is the cabinets. Is wood the right thing to use or would some other material be a better choice? Here are some things to keep in mind when considering the installation of new Wood Bathroom Cabinets.

More Than One Type of Wood

When it comes to Wood Bathroom Cabinets, the choice of materials will make a difference. Understanding that there is more than one class of wood used for this type of project will help. Knowing how those classes differ will help the homeowner make the right decision.

Two of the more popular choices are solid wood and solid hardwood. Solid wood is a totally natural product that works well in many types of construction. What makes solid hardwood a little different is that the range of woods included is much smaller. This second category includes options like maple,
oak, or cherry. The benefit of going with the latter class is that it tends to resist expanding and shrinking when exposed to humidity. Given how humid a bathroom can become, anything that helps to prevent the cabinet from cracking over the years due to the exposure is a good idea.

Keep in mind that if the client does like the idea of going with a solid wood, there are ways to treat and seal the materials to decrease the impact of the humidity. A contractor can go through those processes with the client and make it easier to decide if this approach is the right one.

Paint or Stain?

Some people assume that wood cabinetry in the bathroom must be painted in order to protect the material. That is not necessary the case. Who wants to cover the beautiful grain found in oak or maple with paint? The right type of stain and sealing compound applied will bring out the natural beauty of the wood and help give the space a more elegant look.

For those who are ready to update a bathroom, contact the team at Village Cabinet Design LLC today. With a little time and effort, it will be easy to make the right choices and be satisfied with the results.

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