The Benefits Of Utilizing Garage Security Doors In Pittsburgh, PA

Companies that receive or send oversized shipments utilize a dock system to ease the burden associated with loading and unloading delivery trucks. When the docks are not in use, a garage door is lowered to prevent unauthorized entry and limit the effects of environmental threats. Security Doors in Pittsburgh PA offer an even higher level of protection and allow a business owner to keep their facilities and any products stored inside safe and free from the threats associated with intruders.


Standard doors are typically made of a combination of aluminum or fiberglass, which allows them to remain lightweight, but they often fall short in offering protection from burglars. Those designed with security in mind will be made from high-quality steel, which limits the chance of them being kicked in or easily breached. Though Security Doors in Pittsburgh PA do require a significant investment upfront, the increased safety and extended life expectancy allow them to provide years of reliable use.

Fire Protection

A building fire often leads to significant loss, and it may take years for a business to bounce back after its devastating results. Separating the various zones in a building with large openings that may be closed off with security doors may lessen the severity of the damage done. Garage doors that are equipped with fire containment features will automatically close at the presence of smoke or when a company’s fire detection system is triggered to reduce the total footprint of the damage caused by a fire.

Electronic Opener

Another critical security consideration is the type of opener that is used to operate the door. Units that utilize a rolling code system make it nearly impossible for thieves to gain access by only granting entry to those with a factory-programmed device. Other features such as an ID scanner further complicate unauthorized access and offer the most significant level of security available.

The overall security of a company’s facilities isn’t something to take lightly. Citywide Garage Door Co. Inc. offers a selection of security products that will keep a building safe. Call today to learn more and arrange an on-site consultation to see how affordable peace of mind should be.

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