Types of Crops You Can Grow in Nursery Greenhouses

Greenhouses are amazing places, especially for plant lovers! There are so many things you can do with them and so many wonderful types of plants you can grow as well! While the possibilities are nearly endless, here are just a few of the types of plants our customers grow in nursery greenhouses:

Flowers- Most of the time when someone thinks of a greenhouse, they think of all the amazing flowers that they buy from the garden center. These beautiful flowers were grown in big greenhouses just like yours, where owners can regulate temperatures and other conditions that help different plants grow and stay healthy.

Food Crops- Many people grow food crops, mostly vegetables, in greenhouses, especially when trying to grow out of season crops during colder months or when they need a larger buffer harvest.

Exotics- Some seasonal plants are grown in large scale quantities in massive greenhouses. Even under harsh outdoor climates, growing seasonal plants inside allows you to grow year round. Christmas cactus and poinsettias are two of the best examples of this type of greenhouse crop.

Ornamentals- There are plants that have such unique growth requirements that they cannot survive well and do best in a controlled environment.

Specialty- Many greenhouses are used for specialty crops such as cross breeds, hybrids, tissue culture plants, propagations, seed germination, and other crops that have special growing needs.

These are just a few examples of the many wonderful crops that can be grown in nursery greenhouses. From big multi-house ranges to a single greenhouse unit, you can grow many things in these high-tech controlled environments. Growing something on your own and enjoying its beauty, then being able to share that with others is part of the reason why we got into this industry. Here at Atlas Greenhouse, we want to help our customers share that same love with others.

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