How to Choose a Custom Iron Door

From style to durability and strength, custom iron doors come with a lot of benefits. Perhaps one of the most versatile of these benefits is the ability to customize the door to fit your home’s style. Choose from a variety of doors, handles and window glass to get the look that works best for your home.


Choosing your door style is probably the first and most obvious step when designing a custom door. Many people choose wrought iron for its durability and security, but it also can be very versatile in terms of design. Whether you’re looking at single or double doors, there are a variety of styles and patterns available. These include options with arched or straight tops and multiple or single glass panels. The iron work itself ranges from traditional vines to modern circles or bars. No matter your preferred ascetic you should be able to find a style that works well with your home and personal tastes.

The Handles

Many people forget to consider the style of their handles when looking at custom iron doors. Handles, however are just as important to your door aesthetic as the door itself. These are what allows you to open your door, and they are also an important part of securing your door as well. Handles may come in many designs featuring round or oval knobs, and several types of latches. They include secure exterior key locks with a deadbolt interior and may be available in a variety of finishes. With the ability to choose both your handle style and finish you can find the right match for your door.

The Glass

The glass you choose to go with your custom wrought iron doors can be just as important as the other pieces. Most doors come with panes of double thick insulated glass which may be available in a variety of treatments. The Insulated glass may help reduce noise issues. Glass styles range from fully transparent to let you view outside, to several privacy treatment possibilities. These include rain patterned, aquatex, and sand blasted. Choosing the right glass style for your door windows can help complete your design.

With custom iron doors, you can design a door that suits your personal style. Find the right door to fit your needs, add handles you love, and then choose your preferred type of glass treatment. With a little bit of time you can have a door, you love with all the benefits of wrought iron. Click here for more information.

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