Why Plantation Blinds Are Essential

by | Sep 27, 2018 | Screen Store

Many people have heard of plantation blinds or even seen them in more modern homes. They’re an excellent option for people who want to let in the sunlight a lot but also want the ability to close the shutters. They typically have slim settings with wooden slats, though other materials can be used, as well. The smaller slats can be tilted upward or down or opened straight outward to let in the most light. While some people aren’t sure if they’re an excellent fit, there are a few benefits worth noting before making a final decision.

Plantation blinds are ideal for a variety of reasons. For one, the shutters won’t fade like traditional drapes and blinds. They’re made of a more durable material, which means the colours don’t get lost and the paint won’t peel. Plus, they don’t cost as much as you think to install and require little maintenance afterward. Just a quick wipe-down with a towel and they look great once more. You can also find a variety of styles and options available. Some styles can cover the full window, just half, or whatever you need.

At SP Screens, they have a variety of plantation blinds available, and all are bespoke, which means you’re in charge of the colours, spacing, style, and more. They make it easy to get what you need because all you have to do is book an appointment for a professional to come to your home and give you a quote (after measuring the space). Then, you can work with their team of professionals to design your shutters. If you’re not sure what you want or what will look best, they can advise you on the various materials, sizing, styles, and more. When you’re satisfied with the designing phase, they can come to your home and install them for you.

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