Security Doors: Why They’re Necessary

by | Apr 5, 2019 | Screen Store

While you may well remember the days when you could leave your home and not lock the door, times have changed. You’d no longer leave the door unlocked than you would leave valuables sitting outside. While locking mechanisms are essential, security doors are the best way to protect your home. They usually have appropriate locks on them, which gives you added security and peace of mind. These doors make it harder for intruders to get inside. It looks like any other door, but it is made of steel and/or aluminium, which means it can’t easily be kicked in or cut open.

Security doors can also be fireproof, depending on the style you choose. Steel and aluminium are both fire resistant, which means an intruder couldn’t burn the door down. Along with such, it is unlikely to melt or burn during a fire, which means you can still get outside safely. Along with such, these doors are also energy efficient. The security door or screen can be closed and locked to prevent bugs from getting inside, but the door can also be locked to prevent intruders from coming inside and stealing your possessions or trying to harm your family.

SP Screens offers a variety of security doors from which to choose. Screen doors are usually placed between the outside of the home and the traditional door. It is made of mesh, but cannot be cut or kicked down. Therefore, you can leave your main door open to attract the breeze whilst still keeping your home protected. Other options include steel doors, which come in a variety of styles and use hot-dipped galvanised steel, as well as diamond grills that are made with aluminium and use an aluminium frame. You get more strength and can prevent bugs from getting inside thanks to the flywire insert that is always included.

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