Why Is It Necessary To Service A Gas Fireplace?

by | Sep 9, 2016 | Home and Garden

Many homeowners are of the opinion that because their gas fireplace does not burn wood or coal, they never have to worry about cleaning or otherwise caring for it. There is no doubt that a gas fireplace is very efficient and low maintenance but that still does not mean that they do not need an annual service. With a thorough cleaning your fireplace will be ready for fall.

Fireplace service in Chicago is something that must be done on an annual basis, usually in the spring when it won’t be in use again for a few months.


One of the beauties of a gas fireplace is the fact that there is no accumulation of ash or a buildup of creosote, but that does not mean that there is not debris. Although they are long lasting, ceramic logs do eventually begin to deteriorate. Although there is not smoke going up the chimney, there is heat and over time heat can slowly cause cracks and fissures in the chimney liner. In the event this happens, not only must you clean up the falling debris, it will give you ample advance notice to arrange for fireplace repair.

Check the mechanics:

Never assume everything is in excellent condition just because it has not been problematic, the mechanics of any gas fireplace can develop problems such as a faulty valve or a thermocouple that needs replacing. As noted, the ceramic logs could be deteriorating and need replacing.

To ensure that the unit works safely, fireplace service in Chicago is a must. Gas fireplaces have been known to catch fire or explode if there is a failed component.

When you have a gas fireplace in your home you want to be able to enjoy it. By having it serviced annually you can rest assured that it is performing perfectly.

To ensure your gas or conventional fireplace is working at peak efficiency it is important that you arrange for annual fireplace service in Chicago. To arrange service you are invited to contact Northwest Metalcraft. Visit them online at website.

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