Why Choose Double Iron Doors for Your House?

When it comes to entry doors for the home, you have two basic styles. They can be single or double doors. However, you also have your choice of a number of door materials. Once you check out all the options you may decide upon double iron doors and here are several reasons why.

Single or Double Doors

If you currently have just one entry door to the home, the easiest and most cost effective choice is to replace it with another single door. Yet, this may not always be the best choice. Suppose you frequently need to move large items or furniture in and out of the home. Your options are limited, as most single front doors are about 36 inches in width. However, it is possible to install a 40 inch single door, but double doors will give you the most room.

If you thinking of building a new house, it makes sense to install double front doors. You will have much more room to work with, and there is no need to changeover the entryway. In fact, one you decide to go with double doors, you will be glad you did every time you take any large item into or out of the house. There are fewer chances of damaging things, including your doorway.

Why Double Iron Doors?

If you are going with double doors, you now need to select the right materials. Iron is a superior choice for a number of reasons, and here is why:

1. Strength – few things are stronger than double iron doors. They are very safe and secure, and this will make you safe in your home. Do you have strong winds at times, where you live? You won’t have to worry about the wind blowing things into and damaging your front doors.

2. Low maintenance – once you install your new double iron doors, there is very little maintenance.  You may need to occasionally clean them and perhaps grease the hinges every now and then. These doors are finished and sealed so they should never need painting.

3. Rot and insect resistance – over the years, your lovely wood doors may be attacked by termites or other pests. In addition, wood may begin to rot in time, especially when it is exposed to the elements with wet, dry, cold and hot temperatures year in and year out.

4. Appearance – would you like your home to look impressive? Nothing says “welcome to my stately home” like beautiful and well made double iron doors.

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