What Bathroom Contractors in Columbus, IN Can Tell Homeowners About Semi-Frameless Shower Doors

The plan is to renovate the master bathroom, including doing something different with the shower. After deciding the tub will be history and more space devoted to the shower, the next step is to determine what kind of enclosure and door would work best. The homeowner is already familiar with the concept of framed and frameless shower doors, but what about semi-framed? Here are some things about the latter option that should be discussed before definite plans are made.

The Look of a Frameless Door

One of the things that Bathroom Contractors in Columbus IN will share with clients is how the semi-frameless solution provides a look that is almost like a frameless shower door. Homeowners who like the open feel provided by frameless doors and clear glass for the remainder of the shower enclosure will enjoy being able to achieve the look while spending a little less money.

Custom Sizes are Not a Problem

It’s easy enough to come up with a height and width for this type of door that’s ideal for the available space. All it takes is determining how the door will be fitting into the area and whether it will be hinged or set in tracks so that it can slide back and forth. A contractor can look at the space, talk about where each of the major elements will be located, and make suggestions about the door’s dimensions.

Same Thickness as Other Options

Semi-frameless shower doors will employ the same type and thickness of glass used in any other shower door design. In terms of durability and being able to hold up well, this door design lasts just as long and meets all the safety requirements that would apply to any other kind of shower door. That’s an important factor to keep in mind since a durable shower enclosure and door will be a strong selling point when and if the owner chooses to place the property on the market.

Before moving forward with the renovation, get more information about the options for shower doors and enclosures. Talk with the contractor about what sort of layout would make the best use of the available space, give the bathroom a sense of being more open, and still ensure space is fully functional.

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