Things to Know Before Installing a Sliding Shower Door in Indianapolis, IN

by | Dec 16, 2015 | Home Improvement

A modern bathroom is about flow, fluidity, and openness, and designs tie together disparate elements like tile, chrome fixtures, and glass. A traditional shower door, with its hard frame and sharp lines, works against the aesthetic by creating a defined, closed-in space. However, a frameless shower door can create a seamless, contemporary and open space.

What Are Frameless Glass Shower Doors?

As their name implies, frameless glass shower doors are made entirely of glass. They do not need a frame to slide on or support their weight, and almost all of these doors work by swinging on hinges. Frameless glass shower doors are typically installed as part of a larger shower stall, and it’s the absence of a frame that draws so many modern homeowners to this design.

Frameless Doors are Almost Invisible

One of the biggest selling points of frameless glass shower doors is not their appearance but their invisibility. In trying to make a bathroom feel more open and airy, an unobtrusive shower door can make a big difference. Instead of a shower door that closes off a large part of the bathroom, a frameless door can incorporate the shower area into the overall bathroom design.

Decorative Tile and Frameless Doors

Not only does a frameless sliding shower door in Indianapolis IN, help a bathroom to feel more spacious, it can also showcase a new tile design. That may not sound very important, but when homeowners consider the beauty of modern pebble, glass, ceramic and stone tiles, it’s easy to see why displaying tile can be a selling point with these shower doors.

Are Frameless Doors Safe to Use?

When inquiring about frameless doors, many homeowners ask whether the door is safe when a frame doesn’t cover its edges. Rest assured that the edges on frameless glass doors are smoothed down to minimize risk, and the tempered glass construction makes the doors very hard to break.

Call a Shower Door Specialist for Help

Anyone with the skills necessary to install tile and bathroom fixtures can install a frameless shower door, but homeowners should be honest with themselves about their abilities. A shower door prevents moisture from getting into the remainder of the bathroom, and a poor installation can lead to mold, rot, mildew and other water damage. With this much at stake, it’s best to hire Dr. Shower Door & Mirror LLC for installation of a sliding shower door in Indianapolis IN.

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