There is More Than Meets the Eye When it Comes to Walk-In Coolers

by | Jul 22, 2019 | Refrigeration

The walk-in coolers California businesses rely on are elaborate, custom-made designs that can benefit a number of people. You might immediately think of the coolers you see at your local supermarket, convenience store, or liquor store, but these refrigeration units can be found in many other places, too. Florists, food processing plants, restaurants, and hospitals are just a few of the other types of businesses that can’t succeed without proper refrigeration.


You have many options available when it comes to selecting the right type of walk-in coolers in California to use for your business. This includes a choice from among many exterior panels. In addition to the more common stainless steel, fiberglass board, and galvanized metals, you will find baked white epoxy, galvalume, and plastol finishes available.


Where and how you plan to use your cooler will determine the kind of door you want for your selected appliance. Standard entry, glass, and horizontal sliding doors are familiar to anyone that shops for food in the refrigerated section, but these don’t work well in industrial settings. Bi-parting sliding doors, vertical lift doors, or sectional overhead doors may work better for your needs. Consider double city traffic doors for refrigerator units that will be opened frequently.


Modern walk-in coolers offer several designs when it comes to their refrigeration controls. You can also choose lighting according to your own specific needs. Strip curtains help maintain temperatures, and alarm systems are a great way to safeguard your inventory. Pass-through doors and roll-away shelves are convenient and functional.

Today’s refrigeration is becoming an important part of many types of industries. If you believe that your business could benefit from the custom walk-in coolers California has available, visit TKS Cold Storage MFG and Construction at to discover all of your cold storage appliance options.

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