The Importance Of Insulated Refrigeration Doors

With the ever increasing cost of electricity, the proper selection of insulated refrigeration doors in California is extremely important for the overall efficiency of the facility. Obviously when it comes to choosing an insulated door for a cold storage facility they have to be the correct type and size to accommodate traffic and to maintain the interior temperature. It is extremely important that the doors open and close automatically and that they are fitted with efficient seals. A door that is well sealed and only open for the minimum amount of time will keep the cold in the room and the heat out.

Standard entry doors:

There are two different styles of standard entry swing doors; doors that overlap the frame when closed and doors that fit flush with the frame when closed. As standard insulated refrigeration doors in California are primarily designed for pedestrian traffic or at most, hand trucks or pallet jacks, they are commonly produced in 36 and 60 inch widths. In situations where there is a great deal of traffic going in and out of the refrigerated unit or the choice of materials handling equipment is a fork truck, sliding doors are the better choice.

Glass doors:

Insulated glass doors are a must if the refrigerated products are being sold at retail. The objective of any retail operation is to sell product, to do this customers have to find it and then review the offering. Glass insulated refrigeration doors in California must take full advantage of all available space, Larger doors are far better when merchandise is on display, they also allow the customer to access more product behind each door.

There are a number of different insulated refrigeration doors available. In large warehouse operations single or double sliding doors are very common as are vertical lift and sectional doors. The choice of door is usually based on space, traffic and temperature maintenance.

TKS Cold Storage Manufacturing and Construction have been producing insulated refrigeration doors in California for over 50 years. TKS doors are popular across the US and are also sold and installed in international markets.

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