The Benefits Of Installing Cast Stone Fireplaces In Salt Lake City UT

Few improvements provide a room and a home with charm and character like a custom fireplace. Most consumers are familiar with fireplaces made from wood, but they pale in comparison when compared with Cast Stone Fireplaces in Salt Lake City UT, as they are designed to stand up to years of use and abuse while retaining their beauty. Many people are unclear regarding the benefits of a cast stone model, but the following is a look at the top three reasons it is a preferred way to highlight an indoor firebox.

Finishing Options

It is hard to surpass the natural white sheen that a stone fireplace emits, but there are times when a more custom appearance is desired. The porous nature of stone means that paint and other finishing products will adhere easily and provide a high-end finish. Whether a person is looking for a solid color or an antiqued design, it is easy to upgrade a stone fireplace with nearly any kind of finish a person desires.

Unparalleled Durability

Many customers think that a human-made stone will not provide the same level of durability as those that are naturally occurring. Monuments and statues all over the world are constructed using a mix of concrete, glass, and stone, and have survived years of exposure to rain and extreme temperatures. Cast Stone Fireplaces in Salt Lake City UT are designed to provide a household with years of enjoyment and give any home a stately feel.

Low Maintenance Requirements

Another benefit to stone cast fireplaces is that they do not require a great deal of maintenance to retain their natural beauty and luster. Though sealing the stone is an option, it is not needed. Once the mortar used for installation has cured (a process that typically takes up to 30 days) the stone may be cleaned with warm water and a mild detergent, which will remove any surface debris that may exist.

Choosing a fireplace facade may be overwhelming, but many homeowners make it easy by selecting a cast stone model. Stone Mountain Castings & Design offers a vast selection of styles that will match a home’s existing look and feel. Check out their website to browse the full line of options and make a fireplace the centerpiece of any home. Follow us on Twitter.

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