Several Benefits of Installing Fire Mantels in Salt Lake City, UT

by | Mar 15, 2018 | Fireplace Store

Whether homes feature old-fashioned wood-burning fireplaces or more modern gas or electric equivalents, these fixtures can often benefit from the addition of Fire Mantels in Salt Lake City UT. The best way for homeowners to take advantage of the many benefits of fireplace mantels listed below is to contact a contractor who offers custom design and installation services. Read on to find out why it’s a good idea to get in touch today.

Change the Look of the Room

There’s nothing that can make a room feel more comfortable and inviting than a fireplace, so it should be obvious why homeowners who do not currently have these wonderful features might want to install them. However, even existing fireplaces can certainly benefit from a new mantel. Perhaps the old one is becoming worn or has simply gone out of style, or perhaps a mantel was never installed, to begin with; either way, hiring a company to create a beautiful custom mantel will give the room a unique focal point.

Added Protection

When properly installed according to safety standards, fireplace mantels can provide added protection to areas of the wall near the fireplace. It’s important for homeowners designing their own custom Fire Mantels in Salt Lake City UT to keep in mind that there are local building codes that specify measurements. These codes were created with the intent of ensuring adequate safety, so it’s essential to work with a designer who takes them seriously.

Display Prized Possessions

A mantel can provide homeowners with the perfect place to display their most prized possessions year-round. This allows them to take advantage of some of the practical and stylistic benefits of fireplace mantels even during the hotter months of summer when they are unlikely to use their fireplaces for warmth. Those who wish to incorporate their mantels seamlessly into the room’s decor can accessorize them or even choose different color schemes to incorporate them into their surroundings.

Learn More Today

Interested in having a custom fire mantel fabricated for a home and not sure who to entrust with this important task? Stone Mountain Castings & Design has a well-deserved reputation for excellence and customer satisfaction, so check out their website today to get started. Like us on Facebook.

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