Spring Is The Time To Get Severna Park Pest Control Service

No one really enjoys living with pests in or around their homes. Some people try to ignore them and clean up the evidence. Some people try to control pests with over the counter chemicals and natural remedies. But pests keep coming back. The real problems are the damage and the health risks that pests bring with them. Termites can literally eat a house, causing there to be a structural weakness. Cockroaches and mice bring disease and a big mess in addition to spoiling food. Many small pests cause big discomfort by biting or stinging people.

Insect Pests Cause Huge Damage

Those tiny little ants, bedbugs, cockroaches, and termites can cause big problems. They don’t come alone or in pairs, they come in multitudes. They build nests or hives or other living places and multiply and multiply. All those mouths need to be fed. The home is the source of food for them. If something is not done to stop them, they can cause health issues and structural damage. Bees and hornets are known for their painful stings but they can cause huge damage by building their hives under eaves, in attics, or between walls.

Finding the main nesting place and getting rid of it is the key to getting rid of these insects. But, the nests or hives are often very hard to locate. Professional Severna Park Pest Control Service companies are better equipped than homeowners to get rid of the whole pest problem at one time and keep pests away from the home. Pest companies come and inspect the home for insect infestations and make a comprehensive plan for removing all of the pests at one time.

Chemicals and specialized equipment designed to be environmentally friendly, yet highly effective are used. The hives or nests are located and removed, and follow up calls are scheduled to keep insects away.

Rodents and Other Animal Pests

The same Severna Park Pest control Service can also rid a home of mice, rats, snakes, and other animals that can make their homes in and around a human home causing problems. Rats spread dangerous diseases, pack rats do a lot of damage, and mice can chew openings in walls and get into food supplies fouling them. Pest control experts can find and get rid of all these pests and more. Better yet, they can keep them from coming back. For more information go to website

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