Semi-Privacy Fences in Saint Paul MN: An Ideal Option for Many Homeowners

Full Privacy Fences in Saint Paul MN may seem somewhat forbidding to a homeowner who doesn’t really want the backyard to be so totally enclosed. This person may have fond recollections of a neighborhood from years back when all the yards didn’t seem to be separated by tall fences that obscured all visibility. It’s possible to have a contractor build a fence that offers some privacy but still feels more neighborly.

Semi-Privacy Fencing

Sometimes called semi-Privacy Fences in Saint Paul MN, a tall picket or panel fence with the vertical slats relatively close together blocks a total view from passersby and from people in adjacent buildings and yards. However, it still allows for plenty of light and doesn’t prevent refreshing breezes from blowing through.

Lattice fences also offer privacy while still letting in sunlight and air. These designs create an effect that is somewhat more uncommon in most neighborhoods. Another option would be a semi-privacy fence with a lattice around the top for a decorative look.

The Space Between

In these fences, the panels might be a half-inch or an inch apart instead of directly next to each other. The only way someone can get a good look into the yard is by standing right next to the fence and peering through. As long as the homeowner is pretty sure that nobody is going to bother doing that, this type of picket fence is entirely suitable.

A Friendlier Environment

Many individuals have only seen privacy fencing that is not very pleasing aesthetically. Those are usually cheaper versions that carry out their function effectively but don’t add much to enhance the appearance of the property. A full privacy fence can actually be quite lovely, especially if constructed of cedar. However, the semi-privacy option creates a friendlier environment.

Standard and Customized Options

When property owners can’t find quite what they’re looking for in standard fencing models, they can have custom work done by a contractor such as Dakota Unlimited. This type of company constructs and installs fences of wood, vinyl and metal. The workers are ready to build a customized or standard fence to suit the customer’s preferences. Click here for information.

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