Scheduling Siding Replacement in Eugene After Hailstorm Damage

A freak hailstorm can cause severe damage to a home’s siding. Homeowners insurance pays all costs above the deductible for replacement of panels that were dented or broken by the storm. If the homeowners had been considering siding replacement in Eugene, this may be an optimal time to schedule the service. The insurance company will at least pay for the portion of the job to replace damaged pieces.

Siding Damage

Usually, only one or two sides of a home are affected because the hailstones are blown by wind in a certain direction. Nevertheless, that damage can be widespread and serious. Aluminum is dented by hail, whereas vinyl breaks and is left with holes in the material. To prevent moisture intrusion, the holes should be sealed or covered with a tarp until panel replacement can be completed.

Insurance Considerations

An insurance company is expected to pay for full siding replacement in Eugene if there is no way to exactly match the old material with new panels. The policy promises to return the home to its previous condition. Matching sometimes is a problem with siding that is many years old. Even a small amount of fading can make exact color matches very difficult. That’s especially true if the manufacturer has gone out of business.

Common Materials

Vinyl has become the most popular material for residential siding, but many homeowners still prefer aluminum. Most contractors install vinyl, but not all work with aluminum. These property owners must choose a contractor who installs the metal siding if this is their preferred choice.

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