New Home Builders in New Haven IN Build Custom Dreams

For those who dream of a new custom home, second best will not do. They do not want a pre-owned and lived-in home. They want a home that is new and perfect for them. New Home Builders in New Haven IN such as Lancia Homes help these families get the perfect new home. For those who want a new home but do not want to wait for one to be built, there are model homes and homes built on spec in new housing developments. These homes are new and move in ready.

Purchasing A New Home That Is Already Built

New Home Builders in New Haven IN often have several residential neighborhoods of new homes to check out. They also have empty lots slated for construction of custom homes. If a family wants a new home without the wait, they can purchase a home that has been built on speculation or a model home. These homes give the family the advantages of purchasing a new home without the wait.

Purchasing a new home that is already built saves time but eliminates the chance to add custom design elements or change a standard floor plan. But, if the family finds a home that meets their needs without changes, this is a good way to go and might even save the buyer money.

Having A Custom Home Built

For those who want to design their own home, New Home Builders in New Haven IN offer custom designed and built homes. The buyer visits the design center to select floor plan options and make changes to customize the home. Then, a blueprint is created for them. Now finishes are chosen and final design decisions are made.

The home construction is divided into eight steps:

  • Lot excavation and the digging of a basement or trenching for a home slab
  • Pouring the foundations, basement walls, floors and putting in the underfloor plumbing, HVAC, and electrical
  • The whole house is framed from basement to roof and the home is enclosed
  • The mechanicals are roughed in on all floors and in all rooms
  • The whole house is drywalled and taped
  • The finishing stage is where the home’s doors, trim, and stairways are installed. Every wall and ceiling is painted, flooring is installed, cabinets and countertops are put in, and bathroom fixtures are installed.
  • Final Mechanical
  • Completion, cleaning, inspection, and closing.

Contact for more custom home information. You can also watch video on their YouTube channel.

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