LEED Certification – Better, Brighter, More Energy-Efficient Buildings


Today’s homeowners, home buyers and builders are all concerned with energy efficiency. With increasing frequency over the last forty years, manufacturers of many types of goods for use in and around the home have been looking to reduce carbon emissions during production, create products that emit fewer hazardous chemicals, and use less energy while doing it all.

How can you know that the products you are filling your home with are safe for you and your family? What are some markers of both ecologically and economically sound choices for consumers? LEED certification is one of the best.

What is LEED?

LEED is the abbreviation for Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design. A globally-recognized system that provides guidelines for the building of safer, healthier and more energy efficient homes, LEED certification is available for all types of building projects, both residential and commercial.

Providers of LEED certification are also available to review project plans and educate consumers and construction professionals on how to design and decorate a home within the LEED guidelines. This includes energy-wise construction, wallcoverings and paints made without or with low levels of carbon-based chemical compounds, and windows and treatments that conserve energy while maintaining home safety. Home improvement and décor retailers have access to this information as well, and can create and sell products that conform to this framework.

Peace of Mind for Your Wallet and Wellbeing

LEED certification isn’t just about saving energy and therefore costs. Homes built using LEED certified materials are also better for your family’s health and wellbeing, as well. No person wants to think that they are living in a home that is leaking money, or leaking dangerous substances into the air, water or other resources their family depend on. This is why LEED has become such an industry standard in health and safety certification. It truly pays to follow the LEED!

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