From Understated to Flamboyant, There is a Wallcovering Design for You

Designer wallcoverings are not always what you expect, spanning everything from the flamboyant to the understated. Also, many modern designers place their focus on only using environmentally safe and responsible materials. Some designer wallcoverings even double as a magnetic whiteboard for your home or office.

From organic cork and grasscloth to high-tech graphics inspired by Japanese anime, wallcoverings instantly transform the look and mood of a room. It creates a one-of-a-kind look when paired with the right furniture, accessories, coordinated paint, and upholstery fabric.

Perhaps the most unique is custom-printed digital wallcoverings; these provide the customer with a selection of designer images that can be printed on textured vinyl, Mylar, earth-friendly materials such as felt and cork, acrylic panels, and even window films. Ranging from vintage-inspired florals, psychedelic pop art, or nature-inspired designs, digital wallcoverings accent any style of décor.

Designer wall protection is engineered to protect against impact and abrasion in high traffic areas such as hallways and entrances. Commercial and institutional spaces such as restaurants, schools, hospitals, and hotels often use highly durable designer wall protection. It stands up to abuse while making a beautiful statement.

Whether you are redecorating your home, office, or business, the wallcovering you choose sets the tone. Modern wallcoverings span everything from natural cork and wood veneers to high-tech graphics and magnetic whiteboard material. No matter your style and tastes, there is a wall covering for you.

For exquisitely durable designer wallcoverings plus coordinated paints and upholstery fabric visit Wolf Gordon online.

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