How Hard Water Affects Glass Shower Doors

A white film covers your glass shower doors. No amount of scrubbing or chemical cleaners gets rid of it. It’s unsightly, and you’re ashamed to let visitors see it. The film is caused by hard water deposits. What is hard water? If you are a Lakeview resident and facing the same for your shower door in Lakeview, please contact a glass service expert.

What Is Hard Water?

When rainwater passes over rocks and soil underground, it picks up minerals from the rocks and soil. Calcium and magnesium are the most common minerals found in hard water.
Water softeners are charged with negative ions that cancel out the effects of calcium and magnesium. Some water softeners contain sodium, which isn’t good for drinking and leaves a film of its own on shower doors. How can these deposits be cleaned from glass shower doors?

How to Clean Hard Water Buildup from Glass Shower Doors


Mix one teaspoon salt to one cup of warm water. Spray on the shower glass and wipe off with a soft cloth (microfiber cloths are recommended.) Salt scours the white film and removes it.


Lemon juice is acidic, which cuts through hard water film. Mix two tablespoons lemon juice with one cup of warm water (warm cuts through grime better than cold) to clean the hard water deposits.

White Vinegar

Also acidic, follow the directions for mixing lemon juice and spray on the hard water film. Let sit for five minutes and rinse off, wiping with a clean soft cloth.

If all else fails, then buy a mineral deposit cleaner. Be sure to keep it off any natural stone or grout to avoid damaging them.

Prevent future hard water stains from filming up your shower doors by rubbing the glass with a cloth following a shower. You can also use a squeegee to dry the glass. If the issue is still not resolved, please contact a glass service expert to repair your shower door in Lakeview.

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