Finding the Right Painters in Hillsboro

by | Jun 4, 2019 | Painting

Hiring painting contractors in Hillsboro makes sense for a number of reasons. You do not have to work hard and clean up a big mess. You do not need to buy special painting tools and spend hours scraping or sanding. However, not all painters are the same, and here are some things you can do to make sure you get a professional paint job.

On Time

Painting pros at ESP Painting, Inc show up on time for appointments. If a painter is late (and has no legitimate excuses), this shows bad manners. He or she should place a high value on your time. In fact, if a painter is late for an estimate, he may not be dependable enough to hire to paint your home.

Guessing Vs. Accurate Estimating

When you ask for an estimate, choose painting companies offering complete and detailed estimates for your project. Your painting pro should have pencil and paper or a computer to list every cost, including materials and labor costs. If he simply walks through the house and gives you an approximate number off the top of his head, this is not a proper estimate, and the job may cost much more than imagined.


Make sure painting companies you consider have all their paperwork in order. For example, they should be able to show you contractor’s licenses. Your painter should have a significant amount of liability insurance also.

Your Satisfaction is Important

Professional painting contractors in Hillsboro are greatly concerned about customer satisfaction, and it shows. They help you choose the perfect colors for your home and can recommend the best paints, so you have a long-lasting paint job. The best painters work carefully and keep things picked up. When the job is done, they clean up the job site and ask if you are satisfied with the work.

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