Home Plumbing Repair Tips For Flagstaff, AZ Homeowners

Hiring a plumbing Flagstaff, AZ, company can be a drain on your budget. While there are some plumbing repairs that are best left to the professionals, there are a number of repairs and upgrades that are simple and easy to do, even for someone with limited do-it-yourself experience and expertise.

Before Getting Started

Before getting started, there are a few important factors to keep in mind. Knowing the basics of the system in the home is helpful, and using the right tools for the job is another recommendation to keep in mind.

Prior to getting started on any project, locate the water shut-off valves. There may be one for the hot and cold lines under sinks, tubs, showers, and toilets, as well as to any appliance such as dishwasher or washing machines. In older homes, there may only be a main shut-off valve coming into the house and going out of the hot water heater.

Using the right tools prevents damage to the pipes and the fittings. Avoid over tightening fittings as this can result in leaks. Make sure you are using the correct fitting for the type of pipe, and avoid mixing pipe and fitting types to prevent leaks.

Buy Quality Fittings and Fixtures

When doing your own home plumbing repairs and upgrades, never skimp on the quality of fittings or fixtures. Buying quality taps, plumbing fittings, and replacement parts for your Flagstaff, AZ, home helps to reduce the risks of problems or difficulties with your do-it-yourself repair project.

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