Helpful Maintenance Tips to Prevent the Need for Roof Repairs in Albany OR

A common and costly issue that homeowners have to call contractors for is to fix a leaky roof. It is not surprising that most property owners don’t have the desire or expertise to get on top of their roof and find the issues themselves. However, the fact is, some roof leaks are elusive -; even for the professionals. In many cases, the contractor hired for Roof Repairs in Albany OR has to play the role of a detective to find the underlying cause of the leak. With regular maintenance and service, most of these issues can be prevented, saving homeowner’s time, money and hassle. Some maintenance tasks that can be done to help avoid the need for roof leak repairs in the future are found here.

Inspect Roof Penetrations Regularly

Penetrations in the roof are the most common locations for roof leaks. Look at the following areas to see if any issues are present:

  • Chimneys: Is the chimney properly flashed? Does it need sealing? Does it have a cricket?

  • Skylights: Water can get trapped behind these features. Also, check the flashing to see if it is intact.

  • Plumbing vents: Are there cracks in the rubber or neoprene around the vents? Should they be painted or sealed? Have bugs or other critters chewed on the flashing or pipe?

The Drip Edge

Not only are drip edges aesthetically pleasing, they are also important to ensure that water is kept away from the actual fascia and that it is taken away from the roof. If no drip edge is present, then it may cause leaks in the eaves and wood rot. Drip edges also work to keep insects, snakes, and other critters away.

For homeowners who are unsure of how to find leaks or the main culprits that result in leaks, calling the professionals for inspection and Roof Repairs in Albany OR is the best course of action. Finding issues before they become full-blown leaks will save a homeowner quite a bit of money in the long run. For those who still have questions, they can easily click here for more info. Being informed and knowing what to look for can help keep the need for roof repairs to a minimum.

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