Getting the Right Filter for an Air Conditioner in Naples FL

A huge part of AC maintenance is periodic changing of air filters. When this is not done, an air conditioning system works harder to function. A dirty filter can also increase the number of pollutants, allergens, mold, and debris in circulating air. To ensure that a home environment has an elevated level of indoor air quality, it’s essential to use the right filter for an Air Conditioner in Naples FL. The following tips can assist with getting the right particle removal device.

Get the Right Air Filter Dimensions

The first step in purchasing the right filter is getting the proper dimensions needed for the filter. The measurements of a new filter can simply be obtained from the dimensions of the old filter. These measurements are usually on the side of the device. When these numbers are faded, lay the old filter on the ground and use a measuring tape to find the width, depth, and length. Measure these dimensions in inches. A person can also refer to the owner’s manual or an online manual from the company website.

Obtain the Desired Air Filter

After getting air filter dimensions, it’s necessary to consider the numerous factors involved in buying a new AC filter. The three main types of air filters are fiberglass filters, pleated filters, and HEPA filters. Also, a filter can be disposable or reusable. Consider the MERV rating of a filter. This rating is the ability of a filter to successfully filtrate pollutants from circulating air. These ratings range from 1-16. The higher ratings indicate a greater ability to remove undesirable particles from the air. Also, a filter with a higher rating can remove more types of materials such as allergens and molds. Typically, the manufacturer of an Air Conditioner in Naples FL will indicate a filter type necessary for normal AC system functionality.

By using these suggestions, it will be easier to have the right filter dimensions. It will also be simpler to understand the influences involved in purchasing an air filter. For information on air filters or AC services, please consult an AC specialist at Bode’s Electric & Plumbing Inc. The experts at this company can handle residential and commercial AC services. Follow us on Twitter.

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