Finally Deciding to Call a Contractor Who Installs Lennox Air Conditioners in Naples, FL

After a string of 95-degree days, the homeowners finally make the decision to contact a contractor who installs Lennox Air Conditioners in Naples FL to schedule the project. They feel like they’re probably the only holdouts in town by now, with nearly everyone else they know having had central air in the home for decades. The window unit they’ve relied on just can’t keep up with the heat.

Summer Weather

In the summer, the Gulf Coast also is plagued by humidity and high dew points that go along with temperatures in the 90s. Lennox Air Conditioners in Naples FL reduce moisture in the air to a certain extent, and the homeowners can also ask the technicians to install a whole-house dehumidifier if that seems advisable. Higher humidity makes homes feel warmer, so people tend to turn the thermostat down lower and spend more on electricity.

Keeping Electric Costs Low

The homeowners may already be concerned about how much higher their electric bills will be with this new equipment. Today’s central air units are more energy-efficient than ever before, so they can feel pleased about that. Homeowners can keep costs as low as possible by setting the thermostat in the high 70s, which will keep the home significantly cooler than it used to be on 95-degree days.

Continuing to run ceiling fans and floor fans, as they probably have been doing all along, also keeps everyone feeling more comfortable without turning the temperature down. Those devices use significantly less electricity than air conditioners do.

An Added Advantage

Homeowners experience an added advantage when they are more conservative with their air conditioning use. The equipment will last longer, and any need for future repair work will be minimized.

Annual Maintenance

Delaying repair work and preventing breakdowns also can be accomplished by having the same company perform an annual tune-up on the system to keep it running at peak efficiency. Needing parts replacement tends to become inevitable at some point years later, but technicians from a company like Jcan detect worn components during the maintenance appointments and take care of the replacement then. You can pay a visit to Facebook page for more information.

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