Four Signs Your Garage Door Needs A Repair Service In Clermont, FL

by | Jan 29, 2020 | Garage Door

The importance of a well-functioning garage door is often undervalued until its too late. Here are three obvious signs that now is the time to get it serviced.

It Is Off Balance

An uneven garage door is not only unsightly, but it can cause irreversible damage if left untended to. A sagging appearance proves that one side is being overused and is catching the brunt of the wear and tear. A technician from a garage door repair service in Clermont, FL, can adjust the springs and restore its balance.

It Is Shaky

A gyrating garage door is often a sign of old age, or it could warn of a mechanical issue. The cause could be as simple as a loose screw, or the door may be completely off of the hinges.

It Is Loud

By nature, garage doors can be quite noisy; however, if it seems much louder than before, it is time to consider contacting a reputable garage door repair service in Clermont, FL. Certain sounds can indicate specific problems. For example, a rumbling noise could be attributed to an issue with the torsion springs, while a loud popping sound could be a sign that something isn’t connecting properly.

To preserve the precious life of a garage door, it is wise to address each malfunction in a timely manner. Allow a trained technician at Business Name to extend its efficiency for a few extra years.

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