Extend the Life of Your Outdoor Furniture

Spending time outdoors when the weather is beautiful has become a relaxing hobby for many people. Because of the increase in time spent outdoors, turning your outdoor space into a lovely exterior living room offers you a place to sit, relax and enjoy the company of family and friends. Due to the variation in climates, damage can occur to outdoor furniture if it is not properly taken care of. Weather elements such as wind, dirt, snow, cold temperatures and dust can take a real toll on outdoor furniture. Damage such as this may cause you to pay more by having to replace pieces every few years. But with proper care and diligence, you increase the life of your furniture and enjoy it that much longer.

Cleaning Outdoor Furniture

The method you will use to clean your outdoor furniture in Fort Lauderdale will vary depending on the materials of your furniture pieces. Metal furniture requires less cleaning and maintenance than other types of materials. Spraying them down with water and washing with a mild soap will keep metal pieces clean. A rust-resistant paint is a good investment to help protect your pieces from the weather. Wooden furniture will last much longer when you use a deep penetrating oil to help the wood become resistant from moisture. Wicker furniture can be cleaned by spraying it with water, or using a soft bristle brush with a mild soap to clean stubborn areas of dirt and debris.

Protect Furniture with Patio Covers

If you live in a location where winters are not as harsh, patio covers and even table covers will allow you to keep your outdoor living space clean and safe from weather elements. These covers also make a great barrier of protection for temporary weather events like rain or thunderstorm. Water-resistant patio covers with ultra-violet protection can even help to protect furniture and cushions from fading due to the sun’s rays.

Store Outdoor Furniture for Harsh Winter Conditions

When you live in a location that experiences a harsh winter, storing furniture is the best option for you. When storing furniture items, the use of patio covers is still necessary to protect them from dirt, dust, debris and even moisture. Fluctuations in temperatures can damage outdoor wooden furniture by warping the material, so storage is the best option as well for wooden pieces, even in areas with extensive rainy periods.

By learning to protect your outdoor furniture with patio covers, cleaning and storage options, you can enjoy your furniture for a much longer time. Patio covers offer a superior barrier of protection from many weather elements, and even assist in protection when storing items away.

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