How a Curved Wood Chair Can Change the Aesthetic of an Entire Room

by | Jun 4, 2024 | Furniture

What can a wood curved back chair add to a room? You might assume that it doesn’t add much beyond simple utility. After all, a chair is for sitting in – right? It’s certainly true that a wood curved back chair has utilitarian benefits. But think about how you feel when you see a desk made with the same material. The complement between a chair and desk evokes some particular feelings. You might find yourself thinking about poets putting emotion to page. Or you might even think back to long nights spent pouring over books in your favorite library. But think about why the chair and desk can evoke those feelings. It’s in large part because the aesthetic of the wood curved chair and the desk work in harmony with each other. If they have the same or complementary material then you’re essentially calling up memories from two different sources. That same principle can hold for the entire room.

A chair is an ideal centerpiece for an entire room. For example, think about how a contemporary, curved, enveloping backrest draws the eye when you enter an area. It invites a feeling of comfort. And the choice of wood will further complement that emotional resonance. From there you simply need to use the chair as a key of sorts to judge further additions to the room. Which colors and materials would complement the chair and which would clash? You can start browsing options through A Squared Design Studio or follow them on Instagram.

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