Criteria to Keep in Mind When You Design and Build a Garage for Your Home

A garage can be a valuable addition to your home. It not only adds onto the square feet of the place. It also provides you with a space where you can work, park your cars, and carry out other tasks at home. When you want to include this addition to your house, you’ll find it best to work with a professional garage builder in Merrillville. You and the design team can also keep these tips in mind when planning and building a new garage for your home.

Practical Size

When you first partner with a garage builder in Merrillville, you could envision building a garage that covers hundreds of square feet. You want to be able to park your car and also create a workspace where you can complete projects for the home or your vehicle. However, the garage you build will actually depend on the size of your house as well as the limitations of the county or city permit. The zoning board will not allow you to build a garage that is larger than your home, for example. You have to make it proportionate to the size of the primary structure. Based on the size of your home, you can design a garage that will be comparable in dimension and also look appropriate for the allotted space. Your design team can take measurements of the house or use the original architectural plans in order to develop its own sketches for your new garage.


Building a garage can cost you more than you originally imagined. When you want to keep the costs within reason, you need to work with designers who can decide on cost-effective materials and designs that will stay within your financial boundaries.

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