Carpet Cleaning in West Linn- How to Keep Your Carpeted Floors Neat and Clean

by | Aug 8, 2016 | Carpet Cleaning Service

Carpeted floors look really good. They give a sense of elegance and add a touch of class to any room. However, maintaining a carpeted floor is not as easy as it looks. Unlike other types of floors, removing the stains from a carpet is not easy at all. You can’t just take up the carpet and chuck it in a washing machine. The fabric used in the carpet might get frayed and damaged if you don’t clean it using the right methods. Ideally, most people simply send out their carpets for cleaning every few months.

There are several companies that currently offer carpet cleaning in West Linn. However, before you send out your carpet for cleaning, it’s important for you to know the various different methods that carpet cleaners use in order to remove stains and dirt patches from the carpets. Using harsh chemicals for carpet cleaning isn’t a wise idea, as that will discolor the patterns and designs on the carpet.

Carpet Shampoo Method

The most obvious solution for carpet cleaning method used by companies today is a carpet shampoo. Specialized carpet shampoos can be used to remove all sorts of stains from the carpet without actually harming the fabric or discoloring the carpet.

Absorbent Cleaning

Carpet cleaning can also be done with the help of an absorbent cleaner. Absorbent cleaning is more popularly known as dry cleaning, because little to no water is used throughout the cleaning phase. Basically, an absorbent compound is sprinkled over the carpet. However, before you take the carpets for absorbent cleaning, you should know that it costs considerably more. The prices vary depending upon the size of carpet that needs to be cleaned.

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