3 Reasons Your Garage Door Needs Annual Service in Watkinsville

If you have an automated garage door, you will want to extend its life for as long as possible before you need to replace it. The best way of doing this is by scheduling yearly service with your overhead door company near Watkinsville, GA. During the service call, your technician will perform a variety of tasks to make sure your garage door will operate well throughout the coming 12 months.

Tighten and Lube Mechanical Components

The service call will involve checking the motor, coils, and other parts to ensure they are operating properly. They will tighten loose components and make sure the coils and rollers are properly lubricated. This will prevent the door from jamming or operating unevenly. Keeping your door properly serviced will also help you avoid bigger problems later in the year.

Clean the Tracks

As a part of servicing your door, the technician will also check and clean the tracks. Throughout the year, pests may build nests in the tracks, or gravel, dirt, and debris may become lodged in them. A roller that hits this debris may become dented or dislodged, causing the door to operate improperly. An annual cleaning will help you stay ahead of this potential problem.

Check the Sensors

When you request annual service from an overhead door company near Watkinsville, GA, the technician will also check the sensors. If a sensor becomes dirty or misaligned, your garage door won’t close properly. If your door is stopping several inches before touching the ground, a problem with the sensors may be to blame. Having your sensors cleaned and calibrated will ensure better operation.

Learn more about caring for your garage door when you visit the Select Door Service website.

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