An Electronic Lock is Just One Option Available From a Local Locksmith

There are numerous ways to lock doors, but some options offer greater security than others do. Local locksmiths can recommend the right choice for any application, and they can respond quickly when a customer is locked out of their vehicle or home. In this guide, readers can learn about some of the most popular door lock options.

Handle Locks

These are the least secure option on the list. They operate by preventing the handle from turning unless the right key is used. Handle locks are easy and cheap to install, but convenience comes at a cost: they’re the simplest type of lock to defeat. If safety and controlled access are crucial, ask a locksmith about the more robust choices listed below.


A deadbolt sends a solid rod of metal into the frame of the door, and it typically is used with a handle lock to offer supplemental protection. Deadbolts operate with a key or a knob in most cases. If the door is equipped with a window, a keyed deadbolt is the more secure option because thieves cannot defeat the handle lock by breaking the glass and turning the doorknob.

Electronic Locks

An electronic lock is usually magnetic and they come in two different types: keyless and keyed. A keyed lock operates with a programmable digital card, much like the locks used on hotel room doors. Keyless electronic locks have a keypad that allows the user to enter a code to undo the lock. Defeating these locks is exceedingly difficult, and it requires the assistance of a trained locksmith.

Push Button Locks

A combination or push button lock looks and functions much like a keyless or Electronic Lock, but they function mechanically rather than electronically. The user provides a code on a keypad, and if it’s entered correctly, the deadbolt is physically unlatched. These locks are also hard to defeat and may require help from a locksmith. is one of the most reliable and trusted locksmiths in the area, and it should be the first call a customer makes when they find themselves locked out of their office, home or car. Visit them online or call to get more information and schedule service. You can also like them on Facebook for more information.

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