Two Options for Glass Replacement in Sparks NV

Single items in need of replacement, such as one window, mirrors, table tops, and shelving can be brought into one of three locations for Glass Replacement in Sparks NV. Customers can call for an appointment to save time and money. Same day service is offered whenever possible. That option works well for people with busy schedules who cannot wait around for a technician to arrive at the home. A business owner who only needs a small shelf or panel replaced can have an employee drop off the piece with no business interruption. A contractor can have items replaced or created during a renovation and pick them up on the way to the job site. Many people find this convenient and simple. They also appreciate the savings over a mobile service call.

The other option is to have a technician arrive at the home or business for Glass Replacement in Sparks NV. In order to expedite the process, ensure the technician arrives prepared, and provide an accurate quote for customers, specific information will be needed when the initial call for replacement is made. Identification of the glass type is important. That will be either single pane, dual pane, or tempered glass. The type of frame, wood, aluminum, or vinyl, will also have to be included in the information. The customer will need to measure the window. The easiest way to do that is to measure daylight spaces. The last piece of information required is any factors that will effect time and pricing. Limited access, windows at great height, a Low-E coating on the window, a broken frame, or window grids are some examples of factors that will cause the replacement to take more time, or cost more money.

In addition to windows, glass replacement is available for cabinet and patio doors, shower enclosures, skylights, mirrored walls, and large glass table tops. Commercial services include glass repairs and replacements for windows, shelves, counters, glass walls, doors, and storefronts. Design, installation, and project management is also available for storefronts, buildings, and interiors. Staircases, hand rails, and innovative designs for new construction are a specialty. Homeowners and business owners can Click Here for details on all services, a complete list of capabilities, and to view past projects.

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