Your Kitchen in Brighton Deserves a Bespoke Solid Oak Worktop

by | Oct 27, 2022 | Home Improvement

Brighton is among the most desirable places to live, not only in West Sussex but the entire country. If you are fortunate enough to own a home in Brighton, you’ve likely embraced this seaside resort’s unique style. If so, you’ll know that oak worktops in Brighton are both in vogue and also very practical.

Outfitting your kitchen with an oak worktop invites both tradition and nature into your home. Oak and other hardwoods create a warm, cozy atmosphere for any home. If you are going for a cottage or farmhouse look, an oak worktop, hardwood floors, and ceiling beams are essential. Likewise, hardwood surfaces can also work with modern décor too.

Despite what you might think, solid oak worktops are easy to maintain. Simply use soap and water to clean away any grease and grime. Next, use white vinegar to wipe down and sanitize the wooden surface.

Keeping oak worktops in Brighton looking like new is also easy. Any nicks or cuts can be sanded down, and the entire worktop can be treated with food-safe mineral oil. However, do not use food oils such as olive or coconut oil. Unlike mineral oil, these can become rancid.

The Brighton lifestyle is enviable, and owning a home in this seaside resort city is the stuff of dreams. Oak worktops, hardwood flooring, and light, airy colours define the comfortable, welcoming Brighton look. It’s beautiful, easy to live with, and also affordable.

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