Why Wooden Flooring Is Always in Demand

by | Feb 20, 2017 | Flooring

Today homeowners who want to install or upgrade floors have hundreds of choices ranging from vinyl to stone. Nevertheless, many still choose classic wood. Wooden Flooring is at the top of many house hunters’ wish lists because its beauty is always stylish. Homeowners often upgrade to wood because suppliers like Aesthetic Surfaces & Hard Surfaces, Inc. offer a huge variety of products. Wood is also eco-friendly and makes it easier to maintain a healthy home.

Wood Offers Endless Variety

Because natural wood floor boards may be cut from dozens of trees and plants, they are available in a huge variety of colors, shades, and patterns. That makes it simple to find Wooden Flooring for any taste. In addition, clients can visit sites like company and find elegant engineered and exotic woods. Engineered products consist of layers which include natural wood and long-lasting, durable synthetics. Boards look like natural materials but are less expensive. Exotic woods offer unique options for those who want strikingly beautiful flooring. Options include Rosewood, Burl, Box Elder, Red Palm, and Sandalwood.

Installing Wood Floors Makes Financial Sense

Wood floors are great investments. They not only add instant value at the time they are installed but often outlast homes. Natural wood can be treated to protect it from heavy traffic, and even damaged wood can almost always be restored. In addition, wood matches any decorating style. That allows homeowners to redecorate as often as they like without changing the floors.

Indoor Air Quality Is Better

Homeowners with medical problems or growing families often choose wood. Flooring with a topcoat is easily cleaned by just sweeping and mopping. Unlike carpeting, wood floors do not trap pollutants that can aggravate breathing problems. There are no embossing or grout lines that can trap irritants. Since toxins like dust mites, mold spores, and pet hairs are easily and constantly removed, they never get a chance to build up in HVAC systems and circulate. Eco-friendly wood is also healthy for the planet, since it can be recycled.

Although wood flooring has been in use for hundreds of years, it never goes out of style. Homeowners today choose it when they want timeless beauty, durability, and healthy surfaces. Many also install wood because it offers enough variety to suit very taste.

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