Why Installing Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards Is a Sound Idea

Snow is beautiful and treacherous. Snow tires help drivers get around safely. A salt-sand mixture melts snow on sidewalks and roads. Yet, what about protection from snow sliding off roofs? Devices can be installed to accomplish this. If you have a metal roof, you need to consider installing standing seam roof snow guards.

What Is a Standing Seam Roof?

Standing seam roofing is a metal roofing system based on a hidden fastener design. Frequently employed in commercial and architectural structures, this metal panel system has three notable features:

  1. Two vertical or trapezoidal legs
  2. Wide, flat area between
  3. Hidden fasteners – a clip or fastener flange

The concealing of the fasteners removes the chance of increased exposure to the elements therefore reducing the lifetime capabilities of the fasteners and the roofing material. As a result, standing seam roofs are considered more durable and weather-proof than other roofing options.

Why Install Snow Roof Guards?

If standing roofs are less prone to moisture leakage and more robust than other roofing, why is it necessary to install snow roof guards? Standing seam roof snow guards is not solely about protecting a roof. The guards are constructed to address the potential problems arising from certain other issues. Adding snow guards to a standing seam roof is a preventive measure against problems arising from falling and melting snow including:

  • Damage to the roof draining system
  • Physical harm to passing pedestrians
  • Potential damage to parked cars and buildings nearby

Standing seam roof snow guards also decrease potential roof damage and improve ease of access for maintenance to the roof.

Standing Seam Roof Snow Guards

Metal roofs are slick. Their smooth surfaces prevent the adherence of snow and ice. The lack of traction creates the perfect slide – allowing snow and ice to simply slip off the roof onto an unsuspecting person or object. The consequences of this action can be serious. To prevent this from occurring is simple. Install standing seam roof snow guards.

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