Why Hire a Professional for Screen Repair in St. Louis, MO?

by | May 2, 2017 | Home Improvement

When the screen on a window or a door is torn or broken, it ceases to serve its purpose. Often a homeowner’s first response to a broken screen is to try to rig up some kind of at-home solution using duct tape, staples, or other inappropriate stop-gap measures. Not only are these kinds of solutions unsightly, but they’re also generally ineffective. Responsible homeowners with broken window screens have three options: leave the window shut and allow the house to become overheated in the hot summer months, open the window and let in unwanted mosquitoes and other insects, or call in a professional for Screen Repair in St. Louis MO.

A professional will have the tools and expertise to fix the problem quickly and effectively, for not much more than homeowners would pay for the tools necessary to perform the work correctly themselves. Most of the time torn screens have to be removed and replaced with new ones. This is usually done by removing the old screen from the frame and using the same frame for the new screen material.

The first step he or she will take is to remove the spline, which is what holds the screen in place against the frame. These components become brittle and hard over time, so they can’t be reused. Next, the screen must be secured to the work surface using stop blocks to avoid bowing. Finally, the new screen is laid down over the frame and cut to fit. It’s important to angle the cuts in the corners to avoid bunching. The new screen must then be installed using a new spline and starting at the corner. If any wrinkles are present the screen must be removed and the process started from the beginning.

Homeowners were reading this article and thinking that sounds like an awful lot of work are not alone. There’s a reason most people choose to hire a professional for Screen Repair in St. Louis MO. When one considers the amount of time and frustration that will go into a DIY repair in addition to the cost of specialized tools, which most homeowners are simply not likely to have lying around, it’s easy to see that calling a company like A M Richards Glass Co Inc who can send a repair technician out to fix it is a much better solution.

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