Why Dealerships Are the Wrong Choice for Car Key Replacement in Tulsa

Sometimes people misplace their keys. While you might find them sooner or later, occasionally, they get lost permanently. When you lose your car keys, it means losing the ability to unlock and start your car, thus limiting your ability to travel and get to wherever you need to go. If you don’t have a spare set, or even if you do, you’ll need to get a new set if you can’t find your old one.

Some individuals may choose to go to their car dealership for a new set of keys, but you’ll find that going to a locksmith instead may present more benefits. Choosing your local locksmith for car key replacement is an excellent choice, especially if you want quicker, more economical services. Here are a few reasons why dealerships are the wrong choice for car key replacement in Tulsa.


Dealerships are not always open. They usually operate standard hours during the week, sometimes limited hours during the weekends, and are often closed for many holidays. This limits the time during which you can have your keys replaced. However, locksmiths are often operational twenty-four hours a day, seven days a week. So no matter what time or day it is, you’ll still be able to get back to normal.

High Costs

With most dealerships, when you go to have your car keys replaced, you can expect a high cost. Dealerships tend to charge more for key replacement as it is a “specialty service.” If you choose a locksmith instead, you can expect lower, standardized prices that can help save you money for car key replacement.

Response Time

You never plan to lose your keys; it sometimes just happens. Oftentimes, it feels like things such as losing your keys happens at the worst time possible, which is why you need a quick response time in order to get back on the road. Dealerships usually take much longer to deliver than locksmiths, so if you need your keys back quickly, you should choose a locksmith. Visit 24-7mobilelocksmith.com for more info about locksmithing services in Tulsa.

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