When Time Matters: Water Damage Restoration in Salt Lake City UT

If you have experienced a flood or water damage from a burst pipe or sewer backup, it is important to find a company that provides Water Damage Restoration in Salt Lake City UT quickly. A quick and efficient response will help reduce the damage to your property and the risk for further damage from mold or toxins. An experienced company will be able to quickly extract the water from your home or office with professional grade equipment, provide disinfectant treatment, and clean carpets if needed. In addition, high-powered drying equipment will be able to restore your building to its original dry state, while high quality devices that can detect moisture let you know it is safe to return.

Professionally trained technicians will be able to alert you to other possible damages or concerns. They can also guide you in filing your insurance claim and provide needed documentation to insurance companies. Quality companies also guarantee their work so you know that your home will receive the best possible care. If other services are needed, water damage companies often have working relationships with construction and cleaning companies. Professional companies offer:

01. Initial water extraction

02. Disinfectant pressure washing

03. Technical structure cleaning

04. Drying of documents and electronics

05. Mold remediation

06. Thermal imaging

07. Steam Cleaning

08. Professional level dehumidifiers

09. Mildew and Odor control

10. Carpet Cleaning

11. Sewage Mitigation

12. Structural drying

13. Microbiological clearance testing

14. Remediation of “sick building syndrome”

It is important to contact professionals if you have a concern that mold or other toxins may be present in your home or office. Mold and toxins from raw sewage can cause serious health concerns, even in individuals who are otherwise healthy. Professionals will be able to provide remediation services to ensure that your family and/or customers are not put at risk. A full service company will offer services every day of the year, twenty-four hours a day. Some companies even offer emergency service within an hour of you placing your call.

Qualified companies are licensed, bonded and insured, with highly trained employees who offer only the highest levels of customer service. Find a provider of water damage restoration in Salt Lake City UT today.

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