What’s the Best Material for Roofing in Spring Branch, TX?

by | Oct 18, 2019 | The House Development

Winters in Texas can be brutal, but the summers can dole out a beating as well. When choosing a new roof, you’ve got a lot of materials to choose from. You need to know about your options so you can work with a roofer to protect against severe Texas weather for as long as possible.

Asphalt Roofs

Asphalt shingles usually last at least a decade and need to be replaced about once every fifteen to twenty years. Because asphalt is such a durable material, a lot of homeowners opt for asphalt when choosing a roofing in Spring Branch, TX. These shingles are weather-resistant, but they don’t last forever and some shingles will eventually need to be replaced.

Wood Shake Roofs

Wooden shingles create a classic cabin aesthetic and they’re perfect for almost any region in Texas. They’re simple, affordable, and easy for roofers to install, but since they’re made of wood, they can catch fire. While they work well in all seasons, they will need to be replaced after about ten years.

Tile Roofs

One of the biggest benefits of tile roofing is that it can last forever compared to a lot of other materials. Assuming that the tiles don’t break because of fallen branches or rocks, this material has good insulation properties and is weather-resistant. Tile roofs look great and fit with most Texas architectural styles.

Tile is considered one of the best materials for any roof, although it is more costly than most other materials such as shingles and shake roofs. If you’re interested in a tile roof, check out a website such as website to see all of the designs and styles available for installation.

There are several other materials to choose from such as metal, slate, and more. While tile is a great material, there are several other affordable options to choose from if you feel as though tile is not possible with your budget.

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