What to Do with a Faulty Dryer?

For years, you’ve depended on your dryer to keep running. If you have a reliable unit, then you probably haven’t had any problems in the last few years. That could why it’s such a surprise to find your dryer showing signs of problems lately. If that’s the case, here are a few things you can do.

Check its lifespan

Dryers typically last for about 11 to 13 years, the House Logic says. This will depend on the brand, though, so check your manual for this information. If yours is showing signs of problems in its fifth year, that’s a bit too early yet. You might want to have it checked right away. Call for dryer repair service in New Orleans to get to the bottom of the problem.

Recall its last maintenance

If your dryer is acting up, check your records. Look up the last time you called for dryer repair service in New Orleans. If it’s been too long or you can’t remember it anymore, then a service check and repairs might already be long overdue.

Use it with care

If you’re careless with the dryer—you slam the doors shut or overload it with the laundry—then those could be a factor in why the unit is breaking down prematurely. Make the unit last by being careful about how you use the appliance. Given how much you spend on an excellent model, taking the time and effort to properly maintain and care for the appliance is a sound and practical decision.

Keep it clean

Regularly clear out your dryer’s lint trap as well as exhaust hose. This should help keep the unit in excellent shape. Does the hinged exterior vent pop up when the dryer runs? Make sure it does. If there are any problems with the vent, call for a pro to have it checked.

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