What Is Universal Design?

One of the recent buzzwords in interior design is the term “universal design.” However, universal design is a lot more than the latest trend it is about making environments usable by all people without needing special adaptions. The idea is for Broward County interior design companies to design a space that anyone with physical limitations, special needs, or age-related limitations can use. There are seven guiding principles to universal design.

  1. Egalitarian: A space with equitable use does not advantage one group over another and can buy used by people of all abilities.
  2. Flexible: The space provides choices in methods of use. For example, a universal design space does not disadvantage left-handed people over right-handed people.
  3. Intuitive: The design is easy to understand and eliminates unnecessary complexity so that it is accessible to all levels of experience, knowledge, concentration levels, or language skills.
  4. Informative: Information is perceptible to those with hearing or vision issues, and reading issues. Information is conveyed with pictures, sounds, or tactile interfaces.
  5. Error-tolerant: Universal design minimizes hazards and the potential consequences of fatigue by using fail-safes and keeping the most used features of the space as the most accessible.
  6. Low physical fatigue: The space needs to be efficient and comfortable for people who may become suddenly fatigued.
  7. Size and space: The design must take into account approach, reach, manipulation, and use for all sizes, postures, and types of mobility.

Universal design is appropriate for private spaces such as homes and condominiums, or spaces such as offices, cafés, and libraries. By making spaces accessible, the interior design enables the independence of the individual. Uses are as diverse as aging in place to commercial, educational, medical and other environments.

The best Broward County interior design companies are ready to help you design and build a brand-new space or adapt your existing space to the principles of universal design.

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