What Are The Benefits of Energy Efficient Casement Windows in Overland Park KS?

by | May 30, 2016 | Home Improvement

One of the best ways to save money on energy bills is to install energy efficient casement windows in Overland Park KS. The weather in Kansas is so changeable that it is truly essential to have windows that can stand up to the constant punishment of the weather. The summer months are extremely hot and humid, while the winter months are filled with biting wind and mounds of ice and snow. The weather extremes cause swelling of the window sills during the summer and shrinking of the window sills during the winter. This makes for badly fitted windows that allow a great deal of air to escape, making it hard to efficiently heat and cool the home.

High efficiency windows like Energy Pro windows are a good investment for homeowners who want to see a dramatic drop in their energy bills. These windows are specifically created to deal with weather extremes. They boast a special type of glass with multiple layers of reflective shields. These 12 layer windows are called MaxGuard 12 Thermal windows.

The average vinyl window frame tends to buckle under pressure. When a high wind load happens – something that is fairly frequent in the Overland Park area – a vinyl window frame will become warped quite rapidly. This compounds the issues that may already exist due to extreme heat or cold. When these problems are combined, it means a vinyl window frame just can’t stand up to very much punishment. Ideally, homeowners in the Overland Park area will opt for a customized window frame fitted with specialized glass like the MaxGuard 12 Thermal windows. Casement windows are an especially popular choice today, but double hung, garden, and bay windows are also good options.

While you’d never want to do so, you could technically put a huge amount of pressure on a custom window frame fitted with specialized multi-layer thermal glass. The window would not bend or break, and the frame would retain its form perfectly in spite of extreme pressure. Those are the type of windows that will stand the test of time. If you want to learn more about energy efficient Casement Windows in Overland Park KS, visit Windowreplacementkansascity.com today.

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