Various Beautiful Bathroom Vanities in Troy MI

There are bathroom vanities in Troy MI that will certainly match your style preference and use. The variety will offer you not just what will fit in your bathroom space but even give you choices you may consider. It doesn’t have to be a purchase of what comes first. Take your time when choosing.

At Acorn Kitchen & Bath Distributors, we offer you everything that equips both your kitchen and your bathroom. Each of these home spaces has a special place for those who value them.

Our bathroom boutique selections cover fixtures such as showers, faucets, sinks, bathtubs and vanities from well known and respected brands such as Kohler, Hansgrohe, Riobel and Mirolin to name a few from a long list.

Our bathroom vanities are appreciated and desired for their beauty and clean simple styling. You’d be pleased to see our selection of wall-mounted vanities, as well as our floor, mounted choices. Both are shown in our bathroom showroom in Troy MI

These wall mounted vanities open up your bathroom space, making it look bigger and allowing for more square footage for radiant heat. They are also easier to clean with simple streamline sink design and are adaptable to any height.

Floor mounted vanities allow for more counter space. It’s the traditional vanity we often see in bathrooms. These are more easily installed, less costly, tend to offer more storage and are sturdier for both small children and seniors. If you’re looking for bathroom vanities in Troy MI, Visit to know more.

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